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Best Low Cost Elliptical Reviews and Buying Guides 2023

Buying an elliptical machine for indoor workouts is smart thinking today. An elliptical machine offers you a safe way of having cardio exercise, weight loss and desired physical health. It also saves your precious time and you can get workouts statistics instantly.

Are you hitting upon a plan for building a home gym within your budget? So be sure that finding the best low cost elliptical, a little bit tricky. You just need to have an overview of the elliptical machines available in the market.

And reviewing only one elliptical machine is not enough to find the best low cost elliptical for you, but also you need to come across a diverse line of products. It will help you to compare and contrast all the features.

With our buying guide, we will help you find the best one that matches your lifestyle. And also that ranges within your budget. So accompany us and keep reading the whole reviews. Hopefully, you will choose the best one and will build your desired home gym today.

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Best Low Cost Elliptical in-depth Reviews


This is the Amazon no. 1 best seller elliptical machine within a very low cost. If you are looking for the best low cost elliptical machine, then it best matches your budget. It will provide you with very low-impact and high-intensity workouts. You can do cardio exercise and burn calories more efficiently within the comfort of your home. You will not experience any jarring impact on the knee joints during upper and lower body workouts.

Key Features:

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine - SF-E3912, Silver

Elliptical Trainer Machine – SF-E3912, a pre-programmed elliptical machine packed with all the excellent features best matches your budget. It will provide you with excellent cardio workouts. The built-in handlebar helps to maintain balance during exercise. You can also easily maintain stability on any ground surface with the built-in front and rear stabilizer.

The 16 levels of programmable magnetic resistance help to have a better workouts experience. This elliptical model also provides you with statistics of time, speed, distance and also calories burned during the workouts. This model helps to take your workouts to the next level providing built-in device holder, water bottle holder and transportation wheels.

Key Features:

3.ANCHEER Elliptical Machine, Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine with APP LCD Monitor and 10-Level Resistance

ANCHEER upgraded app elliptical machine offers all the best features within your budget. If you are looking for the best low cost Elliptical machine, then grab it right now. It provides a great way to control body weight, to improve fitness and to reduce the effect of ageing and stress. You can make your every day an enjoyable one if you do exercise regularly with this Elliptical machine.

Key Features:

4. Body Rider BRT5800, 3-in-1 Trio Trainer Workouts Machine, Black, Gray, Silver, and Red

Body Champ BRT5800 Trio Trainer is a compact design that saves space. You can use this compact trainer like elliptical, recumbent bike and upright bike too. You can also get the workouts you need through adjusting the resistance magnetically. It features programmable LCD workouts console with 21 training module covering heart rate and hand pulse rate. The backrest cushion can be easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally for comfort.

Key Features:

5. XTERRA Fitness FS3.5 Elliptical

IF you are looking for ultra-smooth workouts, then the XTERRA best matches your need. It does the synchronization of your both upper and lower body movement. As it features 17’’ stride length, it’s suitable for a tall person. The XTERRA delivers effective workouts with its friction-free magnetic resistance. It offers a challenge to all users through 24 levels resistance and 24 pre-set programs. It is designed in such a way to ensure durability and can easily perform with maintenance. Finally, if you are looking for the low cost elliptical machine, then it best matches your budget.

Key Features:


Are you ready for the fitness challenge? If the answer is ‘yes’, then push your fitness and stamina to the next level with the Sunny Cardio Elliptical Trainer – SF-E3890. It provides a very low impact and saves your joints from stress and wear during workouts.

You can get the status of your workouts with the advanced performance monitor. The 12 preloaded programs help to match your need. If you are looking for the best low cost elliptical, then it also best matches your budget and workouts need.

Key Features:

7.Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical machine is a product of Sunny Health & Fitness who are well-known for making industry-leading cardio equipment. It’s a lightweight, seated elliptical machine. This machine is a belt-driven elliptical that uses magnetic resistance. Different levels of magnetic resistance allow users to adjust the intensity level for building muscle endurance. This machine keeps a minimum profile; thus, you can easily store or move this elliptical machine anywhere on requirements. A stable frame, integrated wheels with a low range of motion makes this elliptical machine the right choice for everyone. 

Key Features:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding The Best Low Price Home Elliptical

Is it difficult to assemble?

Answer: It is not difficult to assemble. Just you need to read the instructions very carefully before starting the assemble process. You will find several instructions named “do this”, “note, before starting the assemble process”. You may also seek help of someone else to assist you to perform the assembling process.

How loud is the machine?

Answer: It is not very loud. It just does squeak. The reason behind it is a hunk of junk and you need to constantly tightening  to get rid of this squeak. The squeaking happens as everything has been loosening up.

Is this an electric machine? Does it need to be plugged in and Can we use it outside?

Answer: It’s not an electric machine . It can be used outside, you just need to store it back under a roof.

Can we pedal the elliptical both forward and backward?

Answer: We don’t recommend to pedal backward direction, because it may loosen the pedals that may ultimately lead to stripping.

What tools are need for assembly?

Answer: All the tools needed for assembly are packed with the elliptical. You just need to download user manual from our website, if you would like to see the assembly instructions.

Can we turn off the handle bars? Can we stop moving with us?

Answer: Both the Handle bars are connected to pedals. So, they keep moving together. Therefore we can’t stop moving the handlebars.

Does this elliptical machine come with manufacture warranty?

Answer: Yes. It does. But it’s important to read very carefully what is covered in the warranty.

Final Verdict:

For a safe and targetted fitness level, choosing a low cost home elliptical is a timely thinking. And if you are looking for the best low cost elliptical machine within your budget, the above six elliptical machines with upgraded features best match you. So, grab one today and build a home gym studio and push your fitness to the next level. Have a happy moment with home elliptical!

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