Burnings Calories on an Elliptical Machine!

Using a good quality elliptical training machine for your exercise has many great benefits. Firstly, they take up little space in the home so are suited to even the smallest of rooms.

They have also become considerably more affordable in recent years. Models like the Sole E95 Elliptical machine now bring professional level quality and features to the home user; features that were only able to be found in fitness clubs and hotels in the past.

How many calories can you burn on an elliptical machine, and is it as effective as other forms of exercise? This is the question that many new elliptical trainer owners have, as well as people who are considering buying their very first piece of gym equipment for the home.

The answer really comes down to how much work you are planning to put into your training. No matter what piece of equipment you are using, without the proper technique and dedication to regular workouts at a  level that is intense enough to push your body, no improvement will ever be seen. But with the right level of commitment, you can be sure that you will be well on the road to achieving the weight loss and fitness that you are hoping for.

Elliptical Machines For Weight Loss

Weight loss is tough work, and knowing what to do to get the fastest and most long lasting results has turned weight loss into a billion dollar business around the world. But is it really that difficult? Can you really lose the weight you want using an elliptical trainer as all or part of your fitness plan? With the right workouts and commitment, as mentioned previously, then answer is: why not? Weight loss is all about burning more calories than you are taking in,

and thus, getting rid of the excess fat and preventing more fat from building up on your body. This is achieved through regular, ongoing exercise at a level that is intense enough to burn your desired amount of calories on a weekly basis
The best elliptical  machines will be able to help you keep track of the statistics of your workout;

that is, the speed, incline, heart rate and even calories burned. However the latter is generally only a very rough estimate, as every person will have a different metabolism.

Elliptical Machines For Muscle Toning And Fitness

Beyond the weight loss goals that you most likely have, there is ongoing work to do in the areas of general fitness. After all, remaining a healthy weight for life is something that can only be done if your exercise is a continual part of your life.

Otherwise, the dreaded weight will simply be put back on. In other words, using an elliptical machine should be thought of as a long term lifestyle choice, rather than a short term one that exists only until you reach your targeted weight.
One of the really cool things about an elliptical machine, that is very difficult to replicate with any other equipment,

is the ability to “pedal” or walk backwards (safely). Consider it like walking up the stairs backwards; something that would be extremely difficult to do without injury, but could have potentially excellent benefits for your leg muscles.

With a forward incline on your elliptical machine, and walking in a forwards motion, the rear leg muscle are getting a great workout. This is the best way to target those particular muscles. Alternatively, going in a backwards direction with a down facing incline, the front leg muscles like the quads are being worked on.

It is therefore important that you really think about your workouts, and plan them in advance. Which particular muscle groups will you target today? Both, or just focus on one certain area? Planning your fitness schedule allows for a complete body workout, whilst giving each group of muscles sufficient time to recover before you focus on them again.

Why an Elliptical Machine?

Ellipticals are excellent for those with sensitive joints, older people, those with past or current injuries, or just for people who want something different to a treadmill or exercise bike. Ellipticals work the whole body more so than a treadmill or bike, rather than being purely lower half focused. They are an excellent choice for low impact cardiovascular exercise and provide the ability to work out with virtually no risk of injury, as you are not making hard contact with the ground, as is the case with running on a hard surface.

The Sole E95 is one elliptical training machine that has received great attention and many positive reviews, due to its high build quality, big feature set, and its low price. Equipment such as this allow any home user to benefit from the opportunities that an elliptical machine offers, including weight loss, general fitness, and muscle toning and strengthening.

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