How Many Amps Does A Treadmill Use?

You are using your treadmill for a long time or just thinking about buying one from the market and facing so many questions,


How many Amps does a treadmill use? This might be one of the questions that come from your mind, right? 

Here, in this post, we’ll look for the answer to this common query and share some tips on the treadmill power requirements and more!

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How Many Amps Does A Treadmill Use

Since a treadmill is a motor-powered machine, In most cases, a treadmill uses a 20 amp circuit. A 20-amp breaker or fuse protects a 20-amp circuit, and it is served by 12-gauge or 10-gauge wire. 

Most homeowner’s outlets can provide 15 amps, and since most treadmills come with 20 amps, you should not add anything else to that circuit because the treadmill will be power-starved if it doesn’t have a separate outlet.

Apart from these, the manufacturers of the treadmills always recommend using a dedicated 20-AMP circuit for your treadmill because it’s important, and a dedicated circuit means that no other lamps or other appliances are on the particular circuit. 

How Much Power Does a Treadmill Use?

As a normal user, you may face errors when it comes to knowing the power, and you may also notice some terms like Peak-Duty, and Treadmill Duty. Just try to avoid these words and look at Continuous Duty Horsepower (CHP).

Depending on the brands, the different treadmill comes with different Continuous Duty Horsepower levels. And however, when you want to buy one from the market, you should look for a model with at least 1.5CHP.

If you’re one of those people who wants to use the machine at home, we’ll recommend you buy a 2.5CHP motor because it will be enough for your needs. 

Tips On Reducing Electricity Costs

Treadmill users often search for a way to save their electricity costs, so if you’re one of them and looking for some tips that you can follow to reduce your electricity costs. 

Run Outside: although this is not a good option for people with busy time, so if you have free time and you think you can run outside of your home, you don’t need to buy a treadmill, it will save you a huge amount!

Apart from this, exercise outside of the home brings more health-related benefits, which can be a good option to save money and be more healthy. 

Use and non-Electric Treadmill: Non-electric treadmill means a manual machine that does not use any power source to run. The only electric part is of a manual treadmill containing the display and 2AA batteries power the display. 

Maintain Your Treadmill: Following the treadmill producer’s guidelines can allow you to run your machine smoothly, and at the same time, it can reduce friction and extend the life of the machine. 


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