How Often To Lubricate Treadmill?

Treadmill users often are in confusion that how often they should lubricate their machine, which way they should follow, so this comprehensive advice would be a perfect guide for those, who are searching for the same question!

Because today I’m going to give you some special tips to lubricate the treadmill you own. Before you follow these guides, you should remember that organized belt lubrication will help keep your machine in optimum condition and reduce required mending over time.

If you don’t have any time to go into the entire post, see, according to some of the expert treadmill users, they suggest that you should try to lubricate your machine once every month using an ounce of lube per each application.

How To Lubricate A Treadmill Belt Properly?

Although when you purchase your machine, You’ve got a user-manual with it, however, you may not interested to follow that guide and want to see a guide online!

I’ll highly suggest you that follow the manual-book you’ve got with the machine because that guide will show you how exactly you should take steps to lubricate your treadmill fitly.

But don’t feel like you’re in the wrong place to get a guide on it. I’ll try to show you the ideal way to lubricate.

  1. First, make sure you’ve turned off the treadmill electricity line and no power is supplied to the machine.
  2. Under the belt at the end closest to the motor of the machine, carefully move your hand and slide between the treadmill’s belt and deck.
  3. Slide in the container of lube as near to the middle of the belt as possible.
  4. Now try to move it to implement lubricant from the center to the edge Using soft strength. all the process along the belt. most of the treadmill users use roughly 1/2 oz of lube in this step, so you also should.
  5. Do the same things for the other side of your belt
  6. Now at this point, you can safely turn on the power of your treadmill and can try to run the belt to disperse the lube straightway over the belt, Remember: four minutes of runtime.

Why People Should Lubricate Their Treadmill?

The primary thing is to lubricate is to keep the machine mat moving softly over the running deck, which in turn decreases stress on the motor. Lubricating a treadmill properly can also protect the life of the machine’s mat and deck.

What kind of Oil Should You Use?

Well, Many recommendations can be found here, but I’ll tell you the right! According to the Fitness Warehouse, using silicone oil is the best oil for lubricating your treadmill. because this kind of oil is always compatible with many. if you have a different type of treadmill, then you can find out the perfect oil from the company where you bought your machine.

There are also some other ways to go, you can also try Silicone Spray, but that can make an issue when you lubricate your treadmill because Silicone Spray can dry out faster than a bottle of silicone oil. 

How Often To Lubricate Treadmill?

If you’re just bought a brand new treadmill for your home, you should lubricate it with 5ml of silicone oil before your first use. Normally almost every treadmill is pre-oiled by the company, but they may have spent a long time in a showroom or warehouse, and it could make an issue of the initial oil placed on the deck.

You should lubricate your new machine once a week, every week, only for the 1st month of your buy. And after one month of using your treadmill, you can follow the regular lubricating guides, You have to lubricate it every month at least once to protect it and also for getting a better experience.

But wait, what if you’re going to buy a second-hand treadmill and looking for a guide on it? You’re welcome, I also have a recommendation for this, if you have a secondhand machine, then you should oil up the machine once a month. 


As I mentioned, lubricating a treadmill is a fairly fast and quite simple job. practicing this simple and easy thing ensures a treadmill will have a perfect load on the motor. so do this thing carefully.

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