Treadmill – How to Choose the Right One!

Here’s a handy article with lots of tips on choosing a treadmill. Treadmills can provide a great workout and can be a great addition to a fitness routine. Good luck finding a great piece of equipment – use the information in the following text to help you in your selection.

Buying a treadmill is a good investment for those who want to maintain good health by doing regular exercises at any time they want, irrespective of the weather and other influencing factors. The choice of the treadmill depends upon the budget and the goal for which it is purchased.

Treadmill can be bought either for losing some weight or for more rigorous practices. Depending upon the space available, treadmills that are foldable can also be purchased. There are other added features like support bars to get off safely after completing the workout, incline ability, heart rate monitoring and many more. The price of the treadmill ranges from around five hundred dollars to six thousand dollars, depending upon the various features and size of the treadmill. Of course, less expensive models would not have features of their expensive counterparts yet, would serve the basic purpose.

Basically, a good treadmill should have low coefficient of drag between the belt and underneath surface. This is an important factor because treadmills tend to buildup friction in what is known as the bed of the treadmill, which is nothing but the area between the belt and underneath surface. To make it have low friction and low wear, the belt should be a four ply using a high density polyester weave.

The rating of the motor is also vital which is rated in terms of peak hp which is the rate in which a treadmill will fail. Normally, manufacturers rate the peak hp and if the ratings are in continuous duty horsepower, it would clearly give an idea of the capability of the treadmill. Evidently, if the motors are large, the treadmill would have a higher chance of lasting longer and run cooler than smaller motors.

To be quite comfortable while using a treadmill, the one that is stable, considering the height and weight of the individual using it should be purchased. To ensure more safety and protection, treadmills that have shock absorption can be preferred since treadmills having harder belts may cause certain amount of discomfort to the joints and hence the one that has a floating deck or other built-in shock absorber would suit better.

Generally, treadmills are available with a warranty for one to three years and by paying some extra money, extended warranty can be obtained. The buyer can also be cautious enough to read the warranty agreement well to know exactly what is covered. But before finalizing on the purchase of the treadmill, it is a good advice to seek the help of a professional who has a thorough knowledge of the various treadmills prevalent in the market or try to get the reviews of the experts who would be in a position to give a clear view of the longevity and the important factors to be considered while buying a treadmill.

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