How To Fix A Folded Treadmill Belt – 11 Steps to Fix The Issue

No doubt that a treadmill plays a vital role in maintaining good health in our busy lives. However, those who use their machine regularly face some common issues. 

One of the common problems that we hear on the internet is the folded belt issue. So if you’re one of them and looking for a guide on how to fix a folded treadmill belt, stay calm!

Because here we have posted an article on this topic and shown some easy steps to fix the problem at your home. 

You’ll need some tools and A bit of patience to complete the entire process. 

Let’s jump into the guide:

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How To Fix A Folded Treadmill Belt

Fixing a folded treadmill belt is more like a simple task, but it might be a challenging job for you without a good guide. 

Before you jump into the central part, if you know the reason behind the issue, it will help you to stay alert in the future. 

What causes a treadmill belt to fold?

When you start running on your treadmill and boost the speed of the machine, the force and your feet produce abrasion. 

Gradually When you increase your walking speed, the friction of your feet with your treadmill belt will increase, and then it will make the belt bland and easier to pervert.

So if your belt gets folded while using it, you have to assume that this problem is not a severe issue.

Can you fix the issue yourself? 

As we know, a treadmill is an expensive tool that costs a lot of money to bring home, and if there is a problem with this type of machine, it may cost a lot of money to repair it.

Here what you can do is learn how to handle the tool. Learning how to manage a treadmill can be easier than you think, and this simple thing can save you hundreds of dollars in servicing fees. 

Note: It’s not a better idea to use a belt that experienced a fold or ripples because using a folded or damaged belt on your machine can cause faults to occur in other working parts. 

Here, we suggest changing the old belt on your machine for better performance and safety. 

What Are Some Tools That I’ll Need To Complete The Task?

To complete the steps, you’ll need the following tools. Make sure you have all of them.

  • A Screwdriver
  • A brand new belt
  • Safety gloves
  • An Allen wrench

Note: You may have got the above necessary tools with your treadmill when you bought it. And you can follow the user manual to do the job instead of following this guide. 

If you do not have the patience, then the tools shown above will not be used, so prepare yourself. 

Step #1: The very first thing you’ll need is to make sure that you have unplugged the power cord from the power source.

Step #2: From the treadmill’s front, use your screwdriver to unscrew the bolts on the motor cover and remove the motor hood.

Step #3: Raise the deck and lock it into the storage position. 

Step #4: Remove the deck rail screws from both sides of the treadmill.

Step #5: Lower the frame to the floor and remove the deck rails.

Step #6: Now it’s time to remove the idler roller bolts, count the number of turns needed to remove each bolt, and keep it for reference when reassembling the treadmill.

Step #7: Remove the drive roller bolts and washers and slip the drive belt from the drive motor pulley.

Step #8: Take aside the drive roller bolts and washers and slip the drive belt from the drive motor pulley.

Step #9: Push the drive roller forward until it clears the C bracket in the frame and takes aside the drive roller.

Step #10: Remove the platform bolts, nuts, and washers. You can remove the locking platform and walking belt if you are replacing the walking platform.

If you are replacing the walking platform, remove the brackets and guides from the old platform and secure them to the new platform.

Step #11: Place the belt on the new machine and if you are replacing the belt, remove the old belt from the platform and reassemble the machine with the new belt in reverse.

These were for you today!

FAQ Section:

Why did my treadmill belt fold?

Your running treadmill belt is over-tightened. It can easily slip due to the high friction between the belt and your feet. And that’s the most common reason why treadmill belts get folded.

How do you fix a crooked treadmill belt?

To fix a crooked treadmill belt, insert the hex key into the bumper first and give it a quarter-turn clockwise. 

Next, insert the key into the opposite bumper and give that a quarter turns counter-clockwise. You can also observe the belt for two more minutes. If it doesn’t centre itself, repeat the procedure!

If my treadmill belt gets folded, should it be replaced?

If you face such an issue and tighten the rollers and the tension on the belt, it may help in minor creasing and rippling of the material.

But due to your damaged belt, it can cause faults to occur in other working parts. So we recommend using a new belt instead of the old one.


In the beginning, the treadmill belt works well, but as the day goes on, excessive friction of the belt with your foot can cause a running belt to bend over the treadmill.

You might search for a guide on fixing a folded treadmill belt, but that’s not an ideal way to get a better solution; replacing a new belt will be a great option. 

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