How To Fix A Slipping Treadmill Belt?

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How To Fix A Slipping Treadmill Belt?

Are you feeling like your treadmill machine is slipping while running or walking on it? If it occasionally slips, you can fix the issue by following the article.

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However, before you take any step to fix the issue, you should make sure of what’s the problem your machine is facing.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why the treadmill belt slips.

Why Might A Treadmill Belt Be Slipping?

There might be multiple causes behind the issue. We’ll try to find out all of them in front of you!

Your Running Belt is Loose

One of the most common reasons is that your walking belt might be loose. People should check their belts first instead of checking other things.

How can you ensure that your machine contains this issue?

Well, Start walking on your treadmill and check the belt if it frequently stops moving or not.

If the belt stops running and at the same time your motor is working. Then you have to accept the truth that your belt is loose.

Another best way to check your belt is by taking your arms slide under the middle of the treadmill deck with some effort.

Assuming you’re facing this issue, what’s next?

What’s The Remedy if My Treadmill Belt is Loose?

To solve the problem, all you need is an Allen wrench that you got when you bought your treadmill from the market.

To loose belt:

  • First, come down to the back end of your machine
  • There should be like a couple of holes in the back
  • Just tight these bolts a little bit
  • For example, you can start by turning it in about half a turn
  • Next, go over to the other side of your treadmill and tight the other one by following the same way

Once you have done, check the machine by moving on it or taking your arms to slide under the middle of it.

Feels it’s tight enough now?

If you think it needs to be tighter, just come back again and tighten the belt as much as it can take. Check it again.

If your treadmill belt still slips, the problem may be somewhere else. Let’s move to another reason to find the issue.

Have You Lubricated Your Treadmill Belt Well?

Another well-known reason why the walking belt might slip is the friction between your moving belt in the deck.

To ensure the issue is contained in your treadmill, use one hand and reach under your belt and try to feel the running deck by sliding the hand there.

Does it feel dry? Or does it feel lubricated?

If the bottom of the belt feels dry, you might need to lubricate the belt. Since guiding on lubricating a treadmill belt will take a long time, we’re not going to share the guide in this post.

We’ll try to share a well-researched guide on this topic in another post later, but if you’re interested to know how often you should lubricate the belt, you can read our previous post.

Your Drive Belt May Be Loose

Although this is not a common issue that can create a problem for slipping your belt, however, sometimes people notice their drive belt is loose and need to be tight or replaced.

If you’re one of them and feel your belt is loose, then we will highly recommend you replace the belt instead of not tightening it.

Here’s how you can replace the belt easily:

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is unplug the machine from the power outlet and remove all screws from the base of your machine frame. It’s a required step.

Point: before you unscrew it, we’ll highly recommend you capture a phone of the tensioning bolt because you’ll need to retighten it to the right location when reinstalling it.

Step 2: Go to the front roller and use an Allen wrench to unscrew the tensioning from the roller.

Step 3: if everything goes well, remove the roller from your treadmill frame carefully.

Step 4: Bring a new belt and replace the old belt and then reinstall the front roller to the frame.

Step 5: It’s time to screw the tensioning bolt into the roller.

Step 5: Add the new drive belt and with your hand, turn its motor to roll the drive belt onto the roller.

Step 5: by making sure the belt is aligned to the centre, add the new drive belt and with your hand, turn its motor to roll the drive belt onto the roller.

Here be careful because your finger may move in the middle of the joint.

These were enough!

FAQ Section:

Can You Fix A Slipping Belt?

When you feel your treadmill belt is frequently slipping, many problems can be blamed here.

The most common problem is your running belt might loose, and another reason might be your belt is not lubricated well.

Since it’s suggested to adjust a treadmill belt in 1/4 turn increments, follow it. Or lubricate the belt.

Can You Over Tighten The Treadmill Belt?

You should not over tighten the belt because an over-tightened belt can cause extra wear and tear on the bearings in the rollers and on the motor. Just make it enough so that it doesn’t slip.

Why Does My Treadmill Belt Not Move?

This may be because you have tightened your belt too much, or you have a problem with your drive belt.

Not using a treadmill yet and looking for some useful reviews on this topic?

Here’s the solution:


When a treadmill belt starts slipping, the users who run it might get injured due to the belt slipping.

So fixing the issue is the key to your safety if you face such an issue with your machine.

We hope the guide on how to fix a slipping treadmill belt was enough for you to understand the issue and fix it as well.

Still, have any queries? Let us know via the comment box below, will be tried to help you if the query is within our reach!

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