How to Use a Treadmill (Expert Guidelines)

One of the best forms of indoor exercises is to work-out with a treadmill. Besides, you can perform walking, jogging, and running with a treadmill staying inside your house without having to worry about bad weather. On the other hand, you may find it difficult to lose weight or face unwanted accidents if you do not know how to use a treadmill properly.

To clarify, if you are a newbie with a treadmill and have no one to guide you in person, we advise you not to try by yourself. We are saying this because there is a case of accidental death caused by improper treadmill operation.

Yes, we are referring to the death of Mr. David Bruce Goldberg, CEO of the famous online research company SurveyMonkey. Back in 2015, this well-known tech management consultant who was also the husband of Facebook Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ms. Sheryl Sandberg, died cause of a treadmill accident.

According to a survey, it has been found that about 65%+ of gym accidents are caused by treadmills.

After reading the last couple of sentences, you might be thinking that we are trying to scare you. Well, you cannot be more wrong if you think like that. That is to say, our main objective is to keep you informed about all the factors relevant to using a treadmill appropriately.

And to assist you in the best possible way, our experts have come up with this article so that after reading it you will be able to start working out with a treadmill without any hesitation in your mind. Just follow the instructions and steps our experts describe here and start building the healthy body you are planning to have.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

How to Use a Treadmill Properly

For your convenience and better understanding, our experts have developed step-by-step guidelines to operate a treadmill appropriately. Let’s find out these guidelines on how to use a treadmill properly in detail below,

  • Step 01: Firstly, try to be familiar with the treadmill you are going to use. Then find out and learn the method of adjusting and changing the pace and incline of the treadmill.
  • Step 02: Secondly, perform some warm-up stretches to ensure the flexibility of muscles and joints. For instance, you can stroll around lifting your knees high. At this point, you have to swing your legs forward and in reverse, step by step allowing your legs to raise higher as your muscles extricate up. To heat your arms, you should swing your arms forward and in reverse, and you also should do slow arm circles.
  • Step 03: At this step, get on board at the treadmill, but do not stand directly on the belt. Take hold of the guardrails and put your feet on the sides of the belt. Now, if the machine has a safety kill switch, connect it to your clothing and press the start switch. At first, the belt will begin to move at a slow speed. One by one put your feet, begin to walk, and remove your hands from the handrails.
  • Step 04: At the 4th step, start your exercise with a light warm-up of 4/5 minutes. The objective of this warm-up is to settle what you arrange for performing in your exercise. If you plan a speed walking exercise, walk at a slow speed. On the other hand, walk speedily or jog slowly if you plan to perform a steady condition running exercise. 
  • Step 05: At this step, start walking or running with a suitable form. Pay special attention to keeping your backside straight, shoulders broad, and eyes looking ahead. Further, your hands must continue a proper rhythm with your legs while walking or running.
  • Step 06: Do not forget to drink sufficient water before the start, throughout, and at the end of the training. Usually, treadmills come with built-in bottle holders. Before stepping on the treadmill, make sure to fill your bottle with water. Throughout your exercise session make sure to drink water at every 10 to 12 minutes interval. However, if you plan on performing the exercise for 60 minutes or longer, we recommend you to drink an electrolyte enriched sports drink.
  • Step 07: According to research, 30 minutes of cardio workout for five days a week ensures disease-free health, and 60 to 90 minutes workout cause required weight reduction. Therefore, for health benefits prepare and follow 30 minutes workout schedule while for weight-loss prepare and follow 60 to 90 minutes workout schedule.
  • Step 08: To avoid any kind of hamstrings or injury of other kinds, you should perform some freehand workouts as a closure to your exercise session. For example, to relax and create an impact on the entire body, you can try a downward-facing dog yoga pose.

Our experts highly recommend preparing and following a routine-based workout lifestyle for better health. Please do not maintain an irregular exercise routine, as it may affect your health in numerous ways.

Our Final Words

To sum up, a healthy body comes by following a healthy diet and workout routine. Our experts always advise eating healthy vegetables and foods. They also suggest knowing your equipment properly before start using it. 

After the above discussion, we believe you have proper knowledge of how to use a treadmill properly. If you still have any queries on the treadmill workout, please feel free to drop a comment in the below comment section or contact us directly through email. A member of our team or an expert will get back to you with the best appropriate answer at the earliest possible time.

Finally, we wish you a healthy life and do not forget to let us know how our guidelines have helped you to build a healthy life.

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