How to Use Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss (Expert Guidelines)

How to Use Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss (Expert Guidelines)

The core purpose of owning an elliptical is to burn extra body fat and calories, right? If you cannot succeed in reaching the desired shape, there’s no actual meaning of having an elliptical machine. And for the best result, you have to know how to use elliptical machine for weight loss appropriately.

It is not a tough task to operate an elliptical trainer. You can just buy one and start using it immediately. But, the question is ‘will it help you to burn extra calories and body fat in a balanced way?’ 

Well, honestly speaking, working out with an elliptical machine will certainly help you shape up. But, to get the desired outcome at the earliest possible time, you need to learn and follow expert guidelines. 

Here in this article, we have come up with the best uses of elliptical machines that will help you to perform your exercise more effectively and efficiently. And you can unquestionably rely on these methods, as these are instructed by most expert gym trainers.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into our mission to find out the best uses of an elliptical for weight loss properly.

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How to Use Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss

It’s a common phenomenon for all to start as a newbie and by the course of time, perform like a pro. That is why we have prepared the following guidelines in such a way that will assist you to be a pro after a certain period.

Start with Basics First

Firstly, while performing an elliptical exercise, there are few facts you have to keep in mind. You will get more profits from your workout sessions if you keep up proper form. Having said that, begin with standing tall with the accurate position, head over shoulders and shoulders over hips. For working the upper part of your body, you must have to energetically pull and push on the handles, not just hold on, our expert mentions.

Then try to be careful about grabbing the handlebars too firmly; if you firmly grab the handlebars, it can fatigue the shoulders and forearms, and lure you to bend over the machine—a general fault. Bending over can diminish the intensification and fat-burning expected effects. Additionally, after a while, it can end up straining the back and shoulders.

As you perform the workout, keep an eye on your speed. Raising RPMs (Revolutions per Minute; on the other hand, some machines may state SPM, or Strides per Minute) boosts the concentration, but excessive speed can put you into a mess. 

Going too speedy with the elliptical may cause you to employ too much energy, consequently, your muscles are not wholly occupied, says our another expert.

To clarify, additional speed, similar to leaning, tricks your legs out of some increasing benefits and lessens the calories amount that you burn. On the other hand, if your feet come off the pedals or you feel bouncing, just slow down your pace.

Let’s Take Elliptical Workout to Pro Level

To make the best of your machine and spend more time with it, our expert trainer has developed four workouts that use multiple settings of the elliptical to aim your full body. Include at least one exercise into your weekly workout routine, or if you plan to use the elliptical machine several times during a week, make an attempt for a couple or more.

These elliptical exercises make use of effort levels that aim for a 10-point rate of apparent exertion scale (10 is maximum effort while one is very little intensity). Moreover, during the warm-up sessions, settle down and rest intervals of each, set of the handles free. This gives the upper body and arms a break but also employs the core and gives a challenge to your balance.

1. High-Intensity with Short Intervals (20 minutes)

After warming up, you have to perform two 10-minutes sessions with high intensity. You should take a 3/4 minutes to break in between those 10-minutes sessions.

2. Hill Program (30 minutes)

Another effective workout with your elliptical is to utilize the ‘Hill’ functionality. When you seemingly reach a peak level take a break of 3/4 minutes and keep continuing with this hill program for a total of 30 minutes (unquestionably excluding warm-up minutes).

3. Mid-Intensity with Long Intervals (30 minutes)

This workout technique asks you to perform 5 four-minute periods at an attempt level of around six. Follow the below settings:

  • Low Ramp, High RPM, Low Resistance. 
  • Medium Ramp, High RPM, Low Resistance (pedal backward).
  • High Ramp, High RPM, Low Resistance. 
  • Medium Ramp, High RPM, Low Resistance.
  • Low Ramp, High RPM, Medium Resistance (pedal backward).

4. The Tree (40 minutes)

This is the most detailed and versatile elliptical workout technique out of these 4 techniques designed and developed by our expert trainer. After each 5 minutes workout with the elliptical, you have to perform other exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, etc for additional 5 minutes. Keep the process continue till 40 minutes completed.

Our expert believes that adding these above-mentioned workout techniques will give you the best outcome from your elliptical machine sooner than you can imagine.

Final Verdict

To sum up, we have described the best uses of an elliptical to lose weight in this article. We believe after reading this article, you no longer have to worry about how to use the elliptical machine for weight loss properly anymore. 

If you still have any queries, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the below comment section or contact us directly through email.

Healthy Life, Happy Life…☺

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