Proper Foot Position on Elliptical Machine (Expert Instructions)

Workout with an elliptical machine can give you practical exercising experience. In other words, you can have the pleasure of indoor workouts easily if you have an elliptical of your own. However, owning an elliptical does not complete your desire to burn extra body fat and reduce weight. Most importantly, you have to learn for proper foot position on the elliptical machine to get the best out of it.

Here, with the support and experience of our expert gym trainer, we have come up with such inspiring elliptical workout guidelines. And this will help you learn the most practical and useful utilization of your elliptical machine. Therefore, we assure you that after thoroughly reading and following these expert instructions, you will enjoy the best workout outcomes from your elliptical trainer.

It goes without saying that working out with an elliptical machine is one of the easiest and safest solutions for reducing weight and burning extra fat & calories. Experts all over the world consider elliptical workout as the light and comfortable version of a treadmill workout.

So, let’s dive straight into the segment where we will learn how to properly foot position on elliptical machine.

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Proper Foot Position on Elliptical Machine

Our experts have designed and explained 4 significant steps to proper foot position on elliptical machine. Let’s check out these 4 factors in detail below,

i. Pedal Features

  • Usually, the pedals of elliptical trainers differ in size, material, movement as well as features.
  • Front-drive elliptical trainers have a flatter movement pattern than rear-drive elliptical machines.
  • This flat motion can be the cause of foot numbness, particularly after long exercise sessions.
  • Professional gym experts recommend using a rear-drive elliptical machine for a more normal and easy movement.
  • On the other hand, if you operate a front-drive trainer, pick an elliptical with articulating pedals.
  • With the movement of your ankles, these pedals pivot. And that is how these get rid of some of the strain from the flat motion.
  • Pedal stride is the furthermost gap the pedals can get away from one another.
  • You can feel awkward and cramped because of short stride lengths.
  • Pick an elliptical machine with a proper stride length so your movements feel normal.

ii. Foot Position

  • The size of the pedals usually differs among brands.
  • Operate an elliptical machine with pedals that are big enough to have room for the complete length of your foot.
  • You must put your feet in the center of the pedals.
  • To perform long exercise sessions, you should not push your feet forward against the front edge of the pedals.

iii. Foot Movement

  • While operating an elliptical trainer, if you stay up on the balls of your feet, the nonstop and extreme pressure can create foot numbness and discomfort.
  • Professional gym experts advise rolling through the whole length of your foot as you glide, like the normal movement that happens when you walk.
  • This process ensures the distribution of the weight over a bigger area of your foot, decreasing numbness and distress.

iv. Form

  • It is very important to keep the correct body position while on the elliptical machine.
  • You must stand upright and do not bend backward or forward.
  • You should not hold the handles too forcefully.
  • If you are a newbie, begin with pedaling only forward.
  • Master this method before practicing more superior variations, like pedaling backward.
  • You must always take consultancy from an expert physician before starting any workout program.

In addition to the above four steps, you should have knowledge of basic elliptical machine operation. And to know more about the basics, please follow our below instructions,

What to Wear

Let’s get to know about the most common and prime basic that is what to wear. Most people believe and find that their shorts and t-shirt are appropriate normal workout clothes. Well, you must keep away from wearing any loose or long pants, as this could probably become tangled in the foot pedals and create an unwanted accident.

Basics for Beginners

It is a very general mistake that health-conscious individuals especially newbie frequently make when it is for the first time to use an elliptical machine is just to get on it and get going. It may seem to anyone that they are quite making an impact, but in actuality, they are just wasting their time and effort. 

The pre-programmed exercises routines that come with elliptical machines are the best workout routines for any beginner to have a meaningful and useful start. Most of the elliptical trainers came with such pre-programmed exercise routines these days. You just have to provide some basic information, like weight, height, etc., and pick the kind of exercise you want to perform.

Use of the Handles

We have found a common mistake among health enthusiasts to use the elliptical machine without using handles. This happens usually because sometimes they consider an elliptical trainer with a treadmill. But in a true sense, elliptical trainers come with handles for some significant reasons. Firstly and most importantly, they offer you some steadiness so that you can balance yourself more easily getting on and off the machine, and when you are operating it.

So, to ensure safety and protection, you must use the handles to stable yourself whenever you operate an elliptical trainer.

The Appropriate Standing Pose

At first, you have to slightly bend your knees to have the appropriate body position. You do not have to carry the stress about the width of your legs, because it is set by the width of the foot pedals already. But, you still have to ensure that you are not locking your knees.

You need to keep your knees slightly bent just like you usually walk to make sure that, instead of your joints, your legs appropriately use strength against the resistance.

Secondly, your body posture needs to be upright and back straight. You must keep your head up and shoulders back in order to make sure that most of the force against the resistance is generating from your upper arms and legs.

Finally, you have to maintain and practice balanced workout routines. Experts advise not to push the limits to the maximum, as doing so may bring unexpected bodily injury. That is why when you feel to take a break, just take a break. There is simply no need to taste your strength with any kind of gym equipment.

Variations in Exercise and Concentration

To get the best out of your elliptical machine, you can time to time bring variation to your exercise routines. To clarify, you can concentrate on high resistance for a short period of time on some days and low resistance for a long period of time on the following days.


There are some people in the health-conscious community who think that better and additional benefits can be gained through pedaling backward on their elliptical trainers. And that is why they spend a lot of their exercise running their elliptical machines in opposite direction.

For some unusual reason, the thought has got widespread that pedaling backward will work your Gluteal muscles more. But this is sadly not the actual case.

Final Verdict

Here, in this detailed discussion, we have described and explained all necessary guidelines on how to foot position on the elliptical machine appropriately.

In conclusion, we suggest and advise you to always follow the instructions of expert trainers. This will help you to get the most out of your elliptical trainer and have a healthy body.

We wish you have a healthy and happy life. In case if you have any queries, please leave a comment in the below comment section. A member of our team will get back to you with the best available answer as soon as possible.

Please do not forget to share with us how our guidelines have helped you build better health.

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