Speed Work On A Treadmill | Tips For Your Speed Work Out

People use treadmills but most of them even don’t know how they can do speed work on their treadmills. A proper speed workout is an ideal alternative way to get faster during the cold weather. 

Speed workouts on your treadmill don’t compromise arbitrarily loping at whatever move is healthy or just sprinting as quickly as you can. A fundamental speed workout guide can help you to get the most out of your workouts.

Here I’ve shared a brief guide on how you can do speed work on a treadmill, it’s not a random post, this is a guide where you can get a beginner to advanced level treadmill speed workouts suggestion.

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Start Your Speed Work by Walking:

Let’s start the guide with my first suggestion that is to start by walking on your treadmill daily. According to a certified treadmill trainer Jill McKay, She says that its good to ensure your speed slowly, 

if you see what she say more about it, then we can see that she explains a moderate pace begins at around 3-mile per hour. McKay also says it’s good to warm up for 5-minute at a simple moderate walking pace, it might be a 3-mile per hour or 2.5-mile per hour. 

Then try to increase your full pace until you’re slightly out of breath for the duration of your entire workout,  anyplace from 5-minutes to 15-minutes for the newbie.

Fix Your Goal And Know About The Machine You’re Using

If you want to maximize your treadmill workout effort, then it’s good to determine how long will you work out and fix your goal. In this case, we can notice the advice of McKay, 

She says it’s good to know how long you intend to sweat so that you can get the most out of your speed treadmill workout. 

McKay also says if any new treadmill user does 5 minutes warm-up, 5-munites workout, and 5-munites cool down, the user may push himself a little bit quicker than if the user planing to make it through a 30-munites workout.

Know about the treadmill you’re using: 

To get the most out of a treadmill, you need to know a lot about the machine, such as how you can use it, the functionality of the treadmill, and so on. It is better to say that if you’re walking on a GYM treadmill, then you should ask your trainer. If you’re using a machine at your home, then try to follow your user-manual.

Additional Tips that help you to know more about your machine:

  • A heart-Rate Monitor: this tool will help you see the activities of your workout.
  • Speed Display: this useful tool will show you the actual data of your walking speed, which means how fast you’re running on your treadmill. This data will be shown as miles per hour.
  • A Calorie burn calculator:  This feature of a treadmill is truly a wonderful invention of the present age. It mainly shows you what actually you’re getting from your run.  But sadly so far no treadmill user has said that this feature works properly. But it is acceptable.

Before Start Your Speed Workout, Take a Three Munites Test:

You should take a three minutes test to track your progress so that you can pay attention to your body. An exercise physiologist recommends a 3-minute quiz. These are: 

  • Jog for one minute
  • Walk for one minute
  • And run for one minute

After doing these, if you’re still satisfied, you can go to the next step to increase your speed by a few miles per hour. We can learn more from him that each day a person will feel different, some days the person will work out faster than others. Snider explains also says, adding that it’s necessary to let your body recovery time. So, include those slow days!

Do Not Look Down While Running:

When you run on your treadmill and gradually increase your speed, you should definitely not look down while running. Because you need to keep your focus steady and balance your body properly. 


Almost all treadmill users want to be able to run very fast but the first time, it is not possible to run a treadmill quickly because a new user has no previous experience.

But there is nothing to be afraid of. You have to be patient and focus on the workout regularly, Remember practice makes a man perfect!

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