Best Exercise Bike Under 500

Top 9 Best Exercise Bike Under 500

As a greater amount of us decide on at-home exercises in the front room, making a customized home rec center may have entered your thoughts.

The best exercise bike under 500 are less massive than a treadmill or a cross-mentor, and it implies you would turn the excursion to and from the rec center (time-effective for those with occupied timetables) or maintain a strategic distance from the traffic you may experience on a street bicycle (at the same time protected from the components),

appreciating similar medical advantages and execution upgrades in the solace of your own home.

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You will agree with me that it is very essential that your workout is done with the best exercise bike. This is why you need to consider the purchase of Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike as it will allow you keep your body healthy and at the same time burning off the fats. This best folding upright bike comes sturdy and with the ability to hold up a weight as much as 300lbs. Typical to other bike is its heart monitor to keep a check on the functioning of your as you workout.

What of the feature making this bike unique is it structure. This means that it can be used by anyone. It comes with an adjustable cushioned seat, where the user is allowed to customize according to preference. This Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike can be folded to half its size and this makes it easy to be stored; with wheels built-in for easy transportation.



Are you out for the best exercise bike that guarantees satisfaction and is locked up with amazing features? This is it. This is not an exercise bike that intends to break the bank account. This is one machine that guarantees a lot of convenience to your body during your workout routines. This machine comes with the ability to accommodate a wide range of users and intense workout routines. Its design is user friendly and durable – with its weight being about 63lbs, it is able to carry as much weight as 300lbs.

This bike has been considered one of the most effective when it comes to having your cycling in the comfort of your home. For anyone who desires to lead a healthy lifestyle, being involved in exercising with bikes and is fitting for people of all ages. This bike promises a high degree of comfort with its well cushioned seat and suitable backrest. Another feature that will fascinate you is its pulse pads – this is meant to be placed for hand and for monitoring the rate of your heart beat. Make use of this best recumbent exercise bike for your exercising, you get a full work on all your body regions.



Are you desiring to combine your work and workout? This is one machine that you seriously want to consider – the DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser. This is a perfect use for your home and also for your office. It comes with several amazing features and this makes it part of the number of best exercise bikes. This DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser is the best choice for you! This exercise bike is perfect for office use.

This bike is designed for anyone who intends to engage in workout activities in the office.In addition, this DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser is jam-packed with amazing features, making it one of the best exercise bikes. Which makes this best home exercise bike available to buy online?



Searching for the best recumbent bike? One that is reliable and comes with amazing features, the Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike is what you need. It also comes with some added features like heart rate monitor. These features are designed to help anyone desiring of a convenient and enjoyable workout routine. With this machine you can be guaranteed an effective exercise aimed at keeping you in shape and healthy.

This machine is designed to be tough and heavy-duty, with the ability to handle all sorts of weight – to as high as 300lbs. this folding recumbent bike can be used by anyone who desires to.It comes with the ability to track your calories and how you burn them; your exercise speed and your progress in workout activity. This surely is one of the few awesome and best stationary bike available on the market .



Looking for a tough structure exercise bike? This is definitely what you need. This is one workout bike that requires a lot of effort to move from one point to another. The Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycle is what you need if what you desire is an awesome experience with your routines. They are very reliable and suitable for any home use. Its structure is capable of handling the heaviest of weight – it will amaze you how much weight this machine can support with its touch steel frame. With the features it is the best indoor exercise bike you get.

With the Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycle, every of your workout sessions is made an awesome experience. It is not just comfortable but also safe when using this exercise machine. Its pedaling action is quite, which means you do not have to worry about disturbing others with your routine. Also, you can at the same time watch your television.



Looking for an exercise cycling machine that does not just work on your lower body regions, but also the upper body, you should consider the Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike. This is able to be achieved with its dual action arm. You get to pedal the bike as fast as you can – back and forth. This way of working out pays attention to your whole body, not just the lower region. People tend to go for fan exercise bikes because of preference so if you are on of them then this is the best exercise bike under 500 you should get.

It also features a computer that provides you with information concerning your stats. This feature displays your biking speed, calories you burn and the distance you get to cover and the minutes it takes.



This is one exercise bike with an amazing cutting-edge technology. It is proven to beat lots of others of its kind. This cutting-edge technology brings to the table amazing features that provide a lot of benefits to the body – giving you the perfect shape.

So if you are a lover of advanced technology, this is something you are going to like –whether for your home or commercial use.Its design is not just built strong, but also stylish in its structure which makes it one of the best exercise bike.

It provides with features for your entertainment while on your exercising activity. Its fitness tracking technology is also cutting-edge technology and is something you might probably not get from other bikes. It features lots of programs all aimed at making your workout experience most rewarding. This will help motivate anybody for any fitness goal.



Are you looking for the best exercise bike that is not limited to working the lower body, but works the upper body out, too? The Best Choice Products Folding Adjustable Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is just the right product for you! This bike is designed to be heavy-duty and strong so that it is able to support heavy weight. Furthermore, it comes with amazing features, and this is why is has been considered one of the best upright exercise bike. This Folding Adjustable Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is for those interested in a great and quality bike for exercising at home.

It is also worth mentioning that this is one bike that does not just workout the lower body region but also the whole part of the body.This Best Choice Products Folding Adjustable Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is made with a strong structure. Thus, this exercise bike is reliable to use and can support the heaviest weight of 220lbs. It offers an accurate tracking of your stats. This exercise bike keeps track of your burned calories, biking speed, distance achieved and workout time. Thus, by using this exercise bike, you can keep track of your fitness performance. This exercise bike also comes with cushioned seats and handle bars, offering you the best of comfort while working out.



This is one great bike that will to help you achieve your goal of fitness? This is your best bet. With Flexispot Desk Exercise Bike you get a combination of workplace and home exercise bike in one machine. Toad to this, there are other satisfying features to keep your body is top shape and healthy. Whether you are a professional or not, this bike caters for all your needs for fitness. The reason it’s in the first in our list is because it is one of the best desk exercise bike available out there.

Wondering how to achieve your fitness goals? This stops the moment you get hold of the Flexispot Desk Exercise Bike. With this product, your workout routine is transformed into an enjoyable activity. It comes with features that are designed for your complete satisfaction. With FitDesk, you bring you bring together your office and gym. This is one exercise bike that provides a facility for checking of emails. It is portable and can be folded and stored away whenever it is not in use. It also features a cycling mechanism that is robust with settings of eight resistances.



With stationary bikes & Best Spin Bikes come settings that for the control of your exercise and workout intensity, some of which are:

  1. Resistance : All exercise bikes come with provision for control on different of resistance. When the resistances are high, the pedaling gets more difficult, and thus makes for more strenuous workouts. This is however an important to consider when making your choice of an exercise bike. These resistances come in range – from 10 to 16; or more for some bikes.
  2. Preset workout : A preset workout is usually programmed into the systems of most stationary bikes. These programs are designed to make your workout routine of variety, which each focusing on a specific goal e.g. burning calories, building endurance, maintain a certain target with heart rate etc.
  3. Electronic Display : This is an important feature for fitness tracking and is featured by most exercise bikes. This display contains consoles that provide display of all the settings and control of the machine. The consoles also come with buttons for adjusting of resistance levels and other required component.
  4. Heart rate Grips : It is quite important that the heart rate be monitored during any workout. This is what this does for you. Heart rate monitors are normally located on the handle bars grips; and from there, you can track your heart rate. However, there are certain bikes that require their heart rate tracker to be strapped, normally around the region of the chest.


There are lots of benefits of doing exercise obviously. It keeps you feet but doing exercise is not easy for all and also going to gym or outside for exercise is not possible all the time for busy people. That’s where the exercise bikes comes in play.

  • Smoothness of pedaling : Unlike the regular bike, exercise bike tend to feature a more comfortable and natural pedaling action. This way your joints don’t end up being jarred when the pedaling stops
  • Less impact : With these bikes and the comfort they offer, you are guaranteed a no-impact workout. This means that your knees and back don’t get to take on the load. This makes it effective even for people who are just recovering from injuries. It is generally safe with recumbent bikes.
  • Easy access: The nature of their seats and low heights make it ideal for most people.
  • Responsive footing : With these exercise bikes, you are guaranteed a responsive footing during the course of your workout. This is made possible by an amazing feature known as the toe strap (adjustable) pedal cage.
  • Seating comfortably : With most exercise bikes, you get to ride on a large and soft seat. This is solely responsible for the enjoyable experience of your workout.

There are a lot of exercise bikes available in the market for you to choose from. These exercise bikes have same or unique features, and are designed to endure the challenge of exercise biking. However, what makes an exercise bike the best one for you?


Now that you know the best exercise bikes under 500 you can use, you will have a variety of the best options to choose from. Thus, work that body out using one of these exercise bikes and get only the best experience in every workout!

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