Treadmill Motor Controller Board Repair & Troubleshooting!

Modern fitness machines like treadmills are run by an electric power source. So it has a component that acts as the common of the central nervous mechanism. In that case, if your treadmill has any malfunctions, you have to be serious about the machine.

Solving the treadmill motor controller troubleshooting issue isn’t too complicated. All you need to do is install a new motor controller board, and follow the right user-manual from your treadmill’s company.

I’ll share a guide on how you can try to solve your motor controller troubleshooting issues, also I’ll look at some common problems that you may want to know and fix!

How to properly Repair Your Treadmill Motor Control Board?

Here are some points to follow:

  • If the machine is running, then make sure you have turned off it and unplug it from the power source.
  • Carefully, use a screwdriver to remove your motor cover, you can follow your manual because the number of screws and the location of the motor cover varies per model.
  • Now make sure you have detached all the connected wires to the board but leave them connected to the main machine. 
  • Off the LED light before going to removing all the wires.
  • When you’ve done, now it’s time to remove the main control board.
  • Now try to clean the dust and sand inside the board with a soft object.
  • Ok, Now install a new control board for the machine.
  • After installing the new one to the machine perfectly, try to reconnect all the wires and then screws to the new one.
  • Now more sure you have screwed the motor cover back in its place.
  • Recalibrate your machine per the guidebook. 
  • Again, if there is any problem, follow the same method

Now let’s see some of the most asked and common issues of a treadmill, I’ll tell you them and answer you the right ways!

The Issues of a Treadmill:

Your Treadmill showing an error message: if this happens, then enter your engineering mode and reset speed & elevation values.

No electric power going into the machine: if this happens, you can check your power cord for any accidentally damaged wiring.

Console Blank: Here you have to understand that the reed switch is defective. So try to replace the reed switch.

There is a loud noise on the treadmill: The treadmill you use may be new, so let the machine run for about 3-4 days or higher, If the treadmill is running well, this will not happen again.

Your treadmill running belt slips: Make sure you’re in the right position. But your drive belt might be loose not the running belt, so check the tension to see if it is too loose.


A treadmill is an expensive fitness machine that offers a lot of useful benefits to keep us more fit. However, sometimes it causes problems in its motor controller board and also makes some troubleshooting issues. 

To solve the problem, you can change the motor controller board, And you can keep it clean and tidy to make it last longer.

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