Treadmill VS Elliptical, Which One You Should Buy?

For decades, treadmills have been used by many people for their jogging and running exercise at home. It is probably the most popular machine in the gym. However, in recent years, elliptical trainers have been catching up in the popularity stakes because of its several features that a treadmill doesn’t have. Treadmill VS Elliptical trainer, Which one you should Buy?

This is a choice that most people have to make when choosing gym equipment for their homes. Both are great for weight loss and exercise. Sometimes it is really hard to make the decision and choose between these 2 exercise machines.

Treadmill VS Elliptical, don’t you think this is a hard decision to make? To make things easy, let’s break down the features and compare each of them:

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Treadmill VS Elliptical, Which One Is Most Likely to Cause Injury?

When you compare treadmills to elliptical trainers, you will notice that you are actually exercising above the ground on an elliptical. Since there is no impact from the ground, experts believe that this is good for your lower body and joints. This is what a treadmill can’t do. Although the padding on the treadmills belt do reduce some of its impact on our body, there is still a significant amount of impact on your joints compared to elliptical.

Conclusion: Treadmill is believed to give more impact on our body compared to the elliptical trainer.

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Treadmill VS Elliptical, Which One Is The Best Choice For Small Room Space?

As you can see, the treadmill is simply bigger and take up more space due to its long-running belt. Anyway, you can choose a folding treadmill which allows you to fold up the treadmill for easy storage purpose. For an elliptical trainer, it only needs a smaller space due to its design.

Conclusion: Treadmill is bigger than an elliptical. But you can select a folding treadmill for easy storage purposes.

Treadmill VS Elliptical, Which One Can Burn More Fat?

There are many theories say that treadmill can let you burn more calories compared to an elliptical trainer. This is because treadmill work out is more intensive. Experts say that we can burn more calories if our heart rate is higher. You can hit a higher heart rate when exercise on a treadmill compare to elliptical. This makes the treadmill has an advantage on fat burning. You have to work out longer in order to burn the same amount of calories you burn in treadmill.

Conclusion: Treadmill has a better contribution to fat burning.

Treadmill VS Elliptical, Which One is More Cost-Effective?

Both treadmills and elliptical trainers have a wide price range. They are not much different from each other. However, the nice thing about elliptical is you can get a good machine around $1000 which can serve you for many years. However, you may have to spend more than $1000 on a treadmill for any type of running or intense workout.

Conclusion: Elliptical is more cost-effective.

The treadmill is Suitable For:

Obviously, a treadmill can provide a better training experience for a dedicated runner than an elliptical trainer. If you are training for a marathon and you don’t want to go out during cold weather, then you should get a quality treadmill. Most of the treadmill experts suggest that we should buy a quality treadmill for running purposes.

Conclusion: If you are going to participate in any marathon or running competition, a treadmill can help you with training.

Elliptical is Suitable For:

The elliptical trainer is good for people who are looking for a quality cardiovascular workout. This is because most elliptical trainers give you a total body workout. On an elliptical, you can train both your hands and legs. But treadmill only focuses on your lower body as they simulate the jogging experience. Therefore it is no wonder that elliptical is recommended for elder exercisers or people with knee problems.

Conclusion: Elliptical is suitable for any group of people including those who are having problems with their knees or joints.

So the Final Decision is…
Currently, the treadmill is still the hottest exercise machine in homes and gyms. However, elliptical trainers are gaining popularity.

If you are a runner and wish to participate in any marathon competition, then you should buy a treadmill. A treadmill can provide the best training and help you to prepare for the competition.

Other than that, I will recommend you to buy an elliptical. It has less impact on your body and it provides overall exercise for both your hands and legs. Since it provides a less intense workout, your body can catch up with it easily. Besides that, this elliptical is suitable for all people including those with knees or legs issues.

Conclusion for Treadmill VS Elliptical

So which one you should for? It is a very hard question to answer, let’s break down the features and compare each of them:

TreadmillElliptical Trainers
Which is Most Likely Cause Injury?Treadmill can cause some jarring and trauma to our lower body. The padding on the treadmill belt does reduce some of its impact toward our body tough.Elliptical trainer provides a smoother movement which compliments with our body natural motion which has zero impact. This is good for our joints and knees.
Which one is the best choice for the home?Treadmill will take up more spaceElliptical trainer only needs a smaller “footprint”.
Which can burn more fat?Treadmill can let you to burn calories very fast.You have to workout longer in order to burn the the same amount of calories you burn in treadmill.
ProsThe treadmill gives you strong toned legs.When you train to run on a treadmill, you have an activity that can be taken with you anywhere. It can be done outdoors, on vacation and anytime you need to workout.Treadmill can train you on running and let you participate in any competition you like in future.The elliptical trainer gets both your legs and arms to exercise.It’s easier to use than a treadmill and can be used for a longer period of time without tiring

Ok, hopefully this has helped you evaluate the benefits of Treadmill vs Elliptical Trainers.

Treadmill VS Elliptical, don’t you think this is a hard decision to make?

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