Treadmill Workout Tips!

Many people buy a new treadmill without really thinking about how to get a safe workout.  Treadmills are well known for providing a great cardiovascular workout.  When you go to a health club you are sure to see many treadmills.  They are fairly common in homes as well.  A treadmill is most effective when you know how to use it properly.  The following suggestions will help you get the best out of your treadmill.  And get the best for your body.

When you start take a good look at the control panel on your treadmill.  Make sure that you know how to stop the treadmill.  That is a basic safety precaution that many people overlook.  Especially take note of the emergency stop button.  That ought to be a lifesaver, literally.

Be sure to dress appropriately for your workout.  Proper footwear is the most important.  Although you may be walking on the treadmill, proper footwear is still essential.  Be sure to buy a pair of running shoes or walking shoes.  You certainly should not walk or run on the treadmill with bare feet or sandals or any other shoe that obviously is inappropriate.  Injuries could result.  Another thing that may seem obvious is not to wear clothing that can get caught all the railings or in the mechanism of the treadmill.  Serious injury can result especially if it becomes stuck in the treadmill’s belt.

Two additional safety tips are: Only one person should the treadmill at a time.  And to not start the treadmill while you’re standing on the belt.  First start the belt then after you have observed the speed of the belt, begin using the treadmill.

It is also a good idea to start slowly and increase the treadmill speed in small increments.  These machines can go very fast and they can accelerate very fast.  Increasing the speed slowly will help you avoid injury.  Also maintain your focus when running on a treadmill.  Do not look to the side, do not look backwards. Keep your attention forward as you would if you’re running on a street or sidewalk.

If you need to adjust your clothing or tie your shoe while you’re running on the treadmill the best thing to do is to step off the treadmill.  Keep in mind you cannot stand still on the treadmill belt in the middle of the workout.

When you step off the treadmill you may feel dizzy.  This is not uncommon.  This is simply because you’re not used to walking on a moving belt.  If you do happen to feel dizzy or disoriented after your workout tried to remain steel and hold on to a solid object such as the rail of the treadmill.  Do not attempt to resume your workout until you’re no longer feel dizzy.

It is best not to take these things for granted when you begin using that new treadmill.  These tips may seem obvious but the safety rules are very import to avoid injury during your exercise routine.  Correct use of any exercise machine is crucial as you pursue your fitness goals.  An injury is the last thing you’d need when you are trying to get fit.

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