Use of Elliptical During Pregnancy That You Should Know!

Pregnancy is a new stage in the life of every woman, especially in the case of mothers who are going to be new. Not only will the body experience a number of variations, but the daily routine will also be affected. All this can affect the mood of women, so physical exercise is presented as a very important solution to prevent this from occurring. It must be clear in the first place that to train any discipline it is necessary to do it safely. If you wonder if pregnant women can train on the elliptical during pregnancy, we will answer your questions below. Let’s have a look below.

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How to exercise on elliptical during pregnancy? 

At first, it must be clear that during the pregnancy stage, we are not sick or have health problems, unless a doctor says otherwise and forces us to rest. So, we should try to lead a life as usual as possible but introducing the pertinent variations. 

Among the other things, it is essential to eat in a healthy way but taking into account a series of aspects in the diet, In addition to staying physically active. If you previously trained regularly, you can continue working, although with more moderation. Think that the important thing is health at all times. 

Here is some following way that you should remind: 

1# Before using the machine you should take advice from gynecologists because, in certain pregnancies, physical activity is not recommended. It is your doctor who must give you the final approval.

2# If everything is going well with your pregnancy and your doctor allows you to do physical activity, it must be always a low impact. Exercises such as running, jumping, or carrying too much weight should not be practiced.

3# Do warm-up exercises before you start. It is suitable for preparing your muscles and joints before exercising and for slowly increasing your heart rate. If you don’t, you can hurt your muscles and ligaments and feel pain the next day. Pregnancy is already causing enough discomfort to add more.

4# Always start little by little; warm-up for 10 minutes and then increase to moderate intensity. If you notice any reaction in your body, stop the activity immediately.

5# Do not train with too much intensity; remember that now you tire more easily. It is important to rest during exercise.

6# Your clothes should be comfortable and loose, made of breathable fabric. It is also important that you have sports shoes in the right size and give you good cushioning. In case your feet swell, it is better to buy shoes that accommodate this change ( generally, it is half a size larger than usual).

Say “no” to dangerous sports.

Do not play contact sports, sports that involve a lot of bounce, or activities in which you can lose your balance, such as horseback riding or cycling. You should know that at this stage. Your body produces the hormone relaxin, which will allow greater flexibility and elasticity in the joints for a better delivery. But at the same time, it can relax other parts of your body, making you more susceptible to sprains and strains. injuries if you fall. Before ensure,  use of elliptical during pregnancy should be restricted. 

Warming up and stretching is suitable for preparing your muscles and joints before exercising and slowly increasing your heart rate. If you don’t, you can hurt your muscles and ligaments and feel pain the next day. You should not go to a very strong level of physical activity without your body is ready.

5 Things That You Should Know Before Using a Elliptical Machine During Pregnancy

If before you got pregnant you already practiced regular exercise, your body will already be used to it. However, you will not have the same capabilities as before. Think that you have more weight on you and that a series of changes are developing in your body. It is preferable that before starting to do elliptical or any other sport you take into consideration a series of recommendations. Here are the following 5 tips that you should know before using an elliptical machine during pregnancy.

  • First of all, consult your gynecologist. Exercise is not advised in certain pregnancies. 
  • If everything goes perfectly, your doctor will most likely advise you to do a low-impact activity.
  • Forget about jumping, running, or carrying weights during this period.
  • Try to start the activity calmly. We will start with a warm-up of about 10 minutes to gradually increase the intensity. 
  • When you notice any kind of discomfort or reaction in the body, stop the activity immediately. You will tire more easily, so avoid overly intense efforts.

Frequently Answer Questions ( FAQs)

Q: Does it impact my pregnancy if I burn calories?

Regarding the elliptical, it is a device that will allow you to burn a high number of calories, and that has a low impact on the joints and the body in general. Our body will not be so damaged by the rebound effect that occurs when running. Also, remember that no one is free to stumble when running or cycling. However, there is no risk with the elliptical.

Q: Is elliptical safe for pregnant women?

Therefore, the elliptical can be said to be suitable for pregnant women, but as long as it is carried out well attached to the handlebars to avoid any type of fall or slip. Try to regulate the intensity and exercise at a moderate speed that allows you to have a conversation with the partner next to you.

Final word

Pregnancy is a stage characterized by changes, not only in the body but also in the daily routine. This can also affect our mood, so many women turn to physical activity to feel healthier during this stage, but it is important to be clear about the best alternatives to exercise safely. So we should take consultation on elliptical during pregnancy from the gynecologist. Don’t use this machine before any consultation from the specialist. So, if you have further questions on this topic, don’t feel shy to know us via email or comment on us on our blog.

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