Why Does My Treadmill Slow Down

Why Does My Treadmill Slow Down?

Having a Treadmill has some great benefits. You can take good care of your fitness. However, if you are an amateur or new to using a treadmill, you may ask the same question: Why Does My Treadmill Slow Down?

It’s a common problem that you can quickly repair. In this guide, we have tried our best to provide you with a possible solution for this issue!

Stick Around!

Always remember that running on a treadmill and running on a road is not the same thing, so if you’re a beginner treadmill user, adjusting to the new running road can take a few months.

In some cases, the speed can vary from your overall mental state. So first, you have to know your mental state and, at the same time, ask yourself, Do you have a slow treadmill?

You may find your treadmill slow due to:

Your Physical Health: if your physical health is good enough and you’re an outside runner, you may feel your treadmill is slow for the first time. But if your health is not so good, the speed of your treadmill may fluctuate. 

So make sure you have good health before judging a treadmill speed. Try to eat healthy food and wait at least 40-50 minutes before running on your machine. 

Check Your Mental Conditions: Starting work with a good mindset will help you complete the job in a significant way. Do not think you’re running slower on your treadmill while stepping. 

Because lack of confidence and overconfidence will force you to believe that your treadmill is slow and buy another one which will be a costly job for you. 

On the other hand, balanced confidence will help you believe you’re running at a perfect speed and will help you improve your health.

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Why Does My Treadmill Slow Down?

See the traits of the issue and follow the shared solutions to fix your treadmill belt yourself at your home without getting help from any service provider.

Traits of issue 1: If you notice that you cannot move at your set speed while putting your foot on the belt, assume you’re having a problem with your belt.

This problem shows up when you don’t maintain treadmills in a while. You might see this problem on some old treadmills too. 

The Solutions:

Tightening the loosened belt with the Allen wrenches that came with your treadmill will be a great solution to fix the slow-down issue. 

Traits of issue 2:  When was your last lubrication for your treadmill belt? If it happened long ago, you’d need to lubricate your running belt to make it smooth for better performance. 

The Solution: For this case, we have already posted an article on the best ways to clean a treadmill running belt in our previous post. You can read the entire post there. 

Note: Be serious when buying the lubricant from anywhere else, as so many options are available to pick from. Don’t forget that the best and most preferable oils are silicone-based. 

A short guide on it:

  • You need an Allen wrench or screwdriver and a lubricant. 
  • Go to the back of your treadmill, and you’ll find the screw. Use the screwdriver to lose them, and it’ll help you lose the belt.
  • Now your belt becomes loose to apply some lubricant under the belt. Apply it properly, then tight screw again and make sure both sides are tightened perfectly.
  • Please turn on your treadmill, leave it for a few minutes, or you can set an average speed and start walking on the treadmill. Both of the methods will help spread lubricant across the belt.

Traits of issue 3: Belt Off-center: Sometimes, if the belt is off-centre, it’ll slow whenever you step on it. This is one of the most common issues faced by beginner treadmill users.  

This issue is often found on the most low-quality treadmill as they do not offer any strong material with their products. 

The Solutions:

Don’t worry, and it’s easy to fix. 

  • Lose both screws and centre the belt properly.

  • Now tight those screws again, and your treadmill will work fine.

Bonus: if you did not find an answer by reading the shared problems and their solutions, you could check your motor by calling an expert. Here we do not recommend checking such types of technical issues by yourself.

Do You Run Faster or Slower on Your Treadmill?

For new users, you should start running on your treadmill slowly and enhance the speed day by day, depending on your physical state.

When you feel you need to speed up, do it. But always remember that it’s not an excellent prospect to force your body to run faster by seeing other people’s speed.


Why Does My Treadmill Slow Down” is one of the frequently asked questions that we notice online from so many beginner treadmill users, and you may be one of those people. 

Our well-researched guide with some additional tips will help you easily overcome the issue and provide you with a better solution.

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