Woodway Treadmill VS Peloton – Which One Is The Best In Long Run?

Where the treadmill itself is a much-talked product, there may be a strong curiosity about the companies or brands who make such products, and this is where our today’s post comes in. 

Woodway Treadmill VS Peloton, this is the widely discussed topic among all the treadmill users because the two brands are producing the best treadmills and fitness tools to keep the world healthy. 

In this post, we will look at these two companies’ product quality, and compare each other to see which one will be the winner and also find the right treadmill for your daily needs.

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A Brief ABout Woodway Treadmills:

Woodway is one of the trusted and solid-known fitness equipment producing brands. They have been honestly in the market for a long time. 

Their activities are not only limited in a few areas but their operation is running worldwide with a massive success rate. 

Due to their high-end and well-made fitness tools like Treadmill, Woodway is a trendy name and daily topic in the mouth of almost every treadmill lover. 

Their Fitness products are widely used in multiple places for various purposes. From GYM to hospital, you’ll find the products made by Woodway which are playing a vital role in keeping people healthy and mentally happy. 

Currently their primary office is located in Wisconsin and all of their treadmill-related products are manufactured from Japan, US, and Germany.

A Brief About Peloton Treadmills:

Peloton is another brand who offers more products and produces multiple things on one hand and serves them all over the world.

All the treadmills from the Peloton brand play a key role in giving the users with a road-like runway to keep their fitness good at their home. 

Since their beginning, they have been trying to include the latest technologies and manpower to discover and enhance the power of fitness products and connect the world through fitness. 

Woodway Treadmill VS Peloton

Although there are so many differences you can notice between Woodway and Peloton treadmills, the primary difference between them is their display size because the Peloton offers their treadmill with a massive size display which is almost 23.8 inch, while Woodway offers a compact size.

All the treadmill’s display that comes with Peloton are touchscreen, so you don’t need to press any button to see your information on the display. 

On the other hand, you may not be able to get benefits of using a touchscreen feature if you have an older version treadmill from Woodway brand because they recently added the touchscreen technology on their products to keep the customer happy!

Let’s compare them based on their product’s features and benefits so that you can get a better ideal!

A comparison table between Woodway treadmill and Peloton Treadmill:

FeaturesWoodway Peloton
Brand AgeFounded in 1988Founded in 2010
Deckslatted beltslatted belt
Running Space63 inches 59 inches

According to the table above, it’s now clear that no one is inferior to anyone. However, you may already notice that the Peloton treadmills are more expensive than Woodway. 

Another thing is Woodway is much older than Peloton but that doesn’t matter because if you create good products, any new company can take the top spot in a short time and this is what Peloton did in the recent market. 

Well, now another point can be noticed, they both use slatted belts but the point is Peloto uses Aluminum with a rubber casing while Woodway uses vulcanized rubber as the material of making the slats. 

Since vulcanized rubber is much more comfortable than aluminum, you may find the Woodway treadmills better in terms of this case. 

Let’s look at their running space. Compared to Peloton treadmills, the running space comes with the Woodway treadmills are longer. So if you’re looking for a big-man-friendly treadmill, buying a Woodway treadmill will be the best option for you. 

Meanwhile, Peloton offers a compact running space for those people who want to exercise at his home in a small space.

Does A Display Even Matter For A Treadmill?

A few years ago, the display wasn’t a big deal because the technologies used to show information on the display were not invented then. But now, with the invention of a lot of technology, Display plays a key role in showing all of your fitness tracking data. 

But is a big display better than a tiny display?

The correct answer to the question will depend on your needs because if you love to use and watch a large display, you might not prefer a small display. 

Come to the main point. As mentioned above, Peloton offers a huge display with their treadmills while Woodway offers a small display but the information you’ll see from your machine will be the same. 

They both offer the ability to customize some quick settings to make your exercise better and healthy. 

They both offer a screen touch display, so you can fully pay attention to your exercise and touch your hand to watch different metrics by touching your fingers without pressing any hard button. 

Having a question in your mind about their product price? 

Well, Price is important, but since this is a dynamic element which depends on many things, we’re not able to tell you the exact price for their product but of course, we can tell you their ranges based on the market. 

As far as our research, Woodway treadmills are more costly than Peloton treadmills, although there are so many things behind the scenes.

Final Words: 

We’re ending today’s article on Woodway Treadmill VS Peloton, but the final summary would be your personal opinion. 

Because life is yours and decisions too, here what we can do is just research and highlight the truth information. 

In summary, we’d say that Woodway is the best treadmill for those who are looking for something large but comfortable with so many benefits and the Peloton treadmills are suggested for those who love a large screen with a compact running machine!

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